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DayGlo In The News

Find out what people are saying about DayGlo in the media.

Packaging Europe - DayGlo Launches New FDA-Approved Colours

January 2011 - Packaging Europe interviews Kevin Sonby, Vice President of Marketing at DayGlo, and discusses how the company's new GloPrill® fluorescent and Gem-Tone™ conventional colors allow brands to introduce new products or refresh packaging formats with new colors that are safe for food and beverage contact.

Package Design Magazine - DayGlo Highlights Color Trends and Singles out Magenta

January 2011 - Package Design Magazine discusses DayGlo's recent announcement that not only are color trends are on the change but that the color to watch for 2011 is Magenta.

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British Beauty Blogger - DayGlo: Make Up That Changes In Front Of Your Eyes

December 2010 - Check out what British Beauty Blogger has to say about DayGlo's new dual-colored Gemini pigments especially for eye make-up.

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Brand Packaging - Global goes Local

November 2010 - DayGlo inks were used to create a dynamic cover for the October/November issue of Brand Packaging, the only publication entirely focused on the role of packaging in the consumer product marketing mix.

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Food & Beverage Packaging - New day dawns for DayGlo

Food and Beverage Magazine

October 2010 - DayGlo inks were used to create an eye-catching cover for the October issue of Food & Beverage Packaging, which reports on the trends and technologies challenging packagers in the food and beverage markets.

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P-O-P Design - Design Center Features Color

September 2010 - DayGlo and the Design Center make the cover of P-O-P Design, the premier resource for designers and producers of Point-Of-Purchase displays and signs.

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GCI Magazine - State of Packaging 2010

September 2010 - Tom DiPietro, Vice President, R&D, DayGlo speaks as part of an expert panel on current trends in packaging for the beauty industry.

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GCI Magazine - More: State of Packaging 2010

September 2010 - Complementary to the September 2010 State of Pacakging feature, Tom DiPietro, Vice President, R&D, DayGlo continues to delve into topics such as the catalysts for next-generation packaging innovations; key brand equities expressed through packaging; new materials, designs and technologies; and working/adapting with brand owners in new ways.

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Contract Magazine - DayGlo "Color. Only Better."

August, 2010 - Contract Magazine, a leading publication dedicated to the design industry, dicusses DayGlo's Color. Only Better. platform launch.

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Plastics News - Day-Glo design center online

July, 2010 - Plastics News interviews Kevin Sonby from DayGlo on the new online interactive Design Center, launched as part of the Color. Only Better. platform.

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Packaging Strategies - Dayglo Brightens Package Choices

June, 2010 - Packaging Strategies reports on a recent tour of DayGlo's Color Lab and discusses the company's new platform launch - Color. Only Better.

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ICIS Chemical Business - Brighter Days

June 28, 2010 - ICIS Magazine interviews Stephen Jackson and Kevin Sonby from DayGlo on the Color. Only Better. platform launch.

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Manufacturing Marvels

July 2013 - Day-Glo Color Corp. was featured in the Manufacturing Marvels segment of "The Willis Report" on Fox Business News, July 23, 2013. This feature highlights manufacturing business that are Made in America. Founded in 1946, Day-Glo Color Corp., headquartered in Cleveland, OH, manufactures a wide range of fluorescent pigments and colorants in its plants in Cleveland, OH, Twinsburg, OH and Cudahy, CA.

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DayGlo Color and Reebok Partner to Release ZOKU RUNNER ULTK DAY-GLO®.

DayGlo Color and Reebok Partner to Release ZOKU RUNNER ULTK DAY-GLO®.

Cleveland, OH (June 29, 2017)  - DayGlo Color Corp. has announced a partnership with Reebok to release the ZOKU RUNNER ULTK DAY-GLO®, a neon spin on the classic Reebok ZOKU RUNNER lifestyle shoe.  The ZOKU RUNNER ULTK DAY-GLO® will be available in three original DayGlo colors: Aurora Pink (Solar Pink), Blaze Orange (Solar Orange) and Saturn Yellow (Solar Yellow).  DayGlo creates bold and exciting colors, which are ideal for athletic wear because it enhances safety due to increased visibility, while also providing a variety of fun color choices to express one’s individual personal style. 

The shoe features the new DayGlo Ezentus™ “EZ” formaldehyde-free pigment. Unlike some fluorescent pigments, Ezentus™ is based on new cutting-edge polymer technology for a final product that’s free of formaldehyde and other potentially harmful chemicals. Known simply as “EZ,” these new and innovative pigments are migration free, with improved thermal stability and superior lightfastness compared to older formaldehyde-based pigments.

The partnership between DayGlo Color Corp. and Reebok to release the ZOKU RUNNER ULTK DAY-GLO® represents a shared commitment to providing innovative, safe and bright products to consumers.


About DayGlo

Cleveland-based DayGlo Color Corp. is a global leader in the color industry offering a diverse product line and customized color solutions for packaging and consumer goods, plastics, graphic arts, paints and coatings, dyes and textiles, as well as ingredients for the personal care and cosmetics industries. As the originator, and world’s largest manufacturer, of daylight fluorescent color, DayGlo also develops conventional color dispersions and specialty effects pigments. DayGlo’s diverse range of products can be used alone or combined with conventional colors help achieve cleaner, brighter, more sophisticated colors. With DayGlo it’s Color. Only Better.

DayGlo Annual Calendar Submissions - Deadline 11-17-17

2018 is almost here, and that means it is time to get busy coloring! This year we are again inviting our friends from all over the world to participate in this fun project. Our annual objective is to inspire creativity through art and bright colors.

We are asking children from all over the world to draw pictures that reflect the theme, "My favorite animal." The artwork can show anything that reflects the life of a child's favorite animal and its environment.  Anything from kittens, to eagles, to snakes, to whales, to T-Rex and beyond. Remember to be unique, use bright colors and fun themes. DayGlo will feature 16 original selections in our 2018 calendar. 

How to Submit Your Artwork:

Please create your drawings on square sheets of paper, 8 inches by 8 inches. Remember to draw pictures that represent your country, area of the world, and/or nationality. Make sure your picture is very colorful, with no white space remaining on the paper. Use your imagination; the picture should be bright, colorful and fun. Your drawings can be as wild as you want. 

Artists may use whatever coloring tools they want, including crayons, markers, colored pencils, paint, etc. Just make sure you choose bright colors. When your drawing is complete, please send it along with a sheet of paper including your name, address, age, and a title of your choice for your drawing. 

Send your artwork to: 

Day-Glo Color Corp.; Attn 2018 Calendar; 4515 St. Clair Ave.; Cleveland OH 44103

Drawings must be received on or before November 17, 2017 to be eligible for the calendar. DayGlo will not be responsible for any late, lost or damaged entries and we will be unable to return your drawings. By submitting your artwork, you acknowledge that if your picture is selected for the calendar, DayGlo will have the right to use, modify, reproduce, publish, display and distribute the artwork. This annual calendar is a gift to our customers; we receive no compensation for this project. If your drawing is chosen, only your first name, age, city, state and country will appear under your picture. 

We wish we could use everyone's pictures, but we anticipate receiving more entries than we can use in one year. We hope everyone has fun creating their drawings and we thank you for sending us your designs!

Have fun and be creative! We look forward to seeing your creations! 

If you have any questions please contact DayGlo at 216-391-8026 at 


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