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Friday, February 01, 2013

ECO Pigments

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Now Going Green Need Not Be Dull

DayGlo Introduces, Clean, Bright, Strong ECO Fluorescent Colors for Textiles

Cleveland, OH (February 1st, 2013) –Day-Glo Color Corp., a global leader in the color industry, has unveiled a new and innovative formaldehyde-free pigment for the textile market.  Today’s consumers are demanding safer and healthier textile products and satisfying that requirement is Day-Glo Color Corporation’s recently released ECO formaldehyde-free fluorescent pigments. Unlike other fluorescent pigments, ECO pigments are based on an entirely new polymer technology that is free of formaldehyde and other carcinogenic and toxic chemicals. ECO pigments are the only fluorescent pigments certified compliant with the Global Organic Textile Standard. In addition, the new DayGlo technology has the added benefit of being produced with recycled plastic materials and is made in the U.S.A.  ECO pigments offer the textile processor an Earth-friendly and safe fluorescent pigment choice that maintains uncompromising performance and the same DayGlo brightness that has been around for over sixty-five years. 

ECO pigments are offered in both a dry pigment and wet dispersion format.


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Day-Glo Color Corporation is based in Cleveland OH and is a global leader in the color industry and offer diverse product lines and customized color solutions for packaging and consumer goods, plastics, graphic arts, paints and coatings, dyes and textiles. As the originator and world’s largest manufacturer of daylight fluorescent color, DayGlo continually strives to produce technologically innovative products that solve problems and add excitement. With DayGlo, it’sColor. Only Better.

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