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DayGlo Color Studies

DayGlo has partnered with some of the top research and academic institutions to study color – how it works, how it grabs attention, how it engages and influences people and how people react to it.


Children's Color Preference Study


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Learn why children choose fluorescent color over conventional color 4 to 1! Read the Xavier University study on children’s preference for fluorescent vs. conventional colored toys.

Domestic vs. Foreign Traffic Cones


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See how DayGlo fluorescent colors enhance driver safety with increased visibility of traffic cones! Read the 2008 study by Xavier University and Arizona State University which compares driver reaction times to two different traffic cones: a foreign traffic cone and a domestic traffic cone using DayGlo’s Fire OrangeTM.

The Real World of Fluorescent Lightfastness


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Learn what really happens to the colors in fluorescent inks during 12 weeks on the shelf! Read DayGlo’s study on lightfastness for insight into the durability of fluorescent colors under real world lighting conditions when used in product packaging.

Measure The DayGlo Difference


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Just how much more impact does DayGlo fluorescent color really make to outdoor advertising? Read the Telcom Research Inc. study to learn how outdoor users can enhance their marketing with fluorescent color.


Latest News


DayGlo Annual Calendar Time!

Submissions Due 11-17-17  Read More


DayGlo Color and Reebok Partner to Release ZOKU RUNNER ULTK DAY-GLO®

DayGlo Color Corp. has announced a partnership with Reebok to release the ZOKU RUNNER ULTK DAY-GLO®, a neon spin on the classic Reebok ZOKU RUNNER lifestyle shoe.  Read More



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