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Launch new products or refresh your brand with DayGlo.


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Color is the easiest, fastest, and most affordable way to innovate. At DayGlo, we help brand managers and designers gain recognition and traction for their products and build strong, lasting brand identities.

Achieve new dimensions for package design with color. From functional to luxurious packaging formats, our customized color solutions help increase shelf appeal and attract more attention at point of sale.

Offering high quality products and years of technical experience, suppliers and manufacturers partner with DayGlo to achieve specialized colorants for flexible and rigid packaging formats.

We specialize in developing pigments suitable for polyolefins for injection molding, blow molding and rotational molding, as well as engineering resins, plastisols and vinyl resins. For package printing applications, we develop products for gravure flexographic screen and lithographic inks.



Food and Beverage


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DayGlo goes anywhere. Our diversified color solutions can be used in plastics for food and beverage contact applications.

DayGlo’s new FDA-compliant pigments are approved for use in plastics with food contact. Now, brand owners can create rich and intense consumer products and packaging formats safe for all food and beverages.

Gem-ToneTM Polymeric Colorants

DayGlo’s new line of Gem-Tone colorants are the first FDA-approved polymeric colorants for use in Clarified Polypropylene. Gem-Tone is currently available in 4 rich, transparent colors such as Sapphire Blue and Ruby Red. A full range of colors can be achieved by blending the standard colors.

GloPrill® FDA

DayGlo new GloPrill FDA for food and beverage applications is the first FDA compliant Fluorescent Pigment approved for HDPE and PP packaging. GloPrill FDA pigments can be used separately or combined with virtually any color to create unique colors that are cleaner and brighter.

Consumer Products


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Increase product visibility, and value, with packaging that is bright, cheerful, subtle and luxurious.

Create a powerful brand identity through the use of graphics and color effects – whether with strong and bright tones, subtle shades, or specialty effects like luxurious finishes and glow-in-the-dark highlights. With DayGlo, consumers will quickly and easily identify your brand.

Our PhantomTM Invisible pigments can be used to separate originals from copies, so customers can be confident in purchasing your brand.

Safety and Security


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Protect your brand with DayGlo pigments and dyes for package safety applications.

Equally important to driving sales, brand protection and anti-counterfeiting strategies are essential to package design and development.

Use our PhantomTM line of UV-reactive pigments to invisibly mark valuable or trademarked items and packages to address theft, counterfeiting, or product tampering.

Cosmetics and Personal Care


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From shampoo and laundry detergent to high-end lipstick and face creams, discover new colors for cosmetics and personal care packaging.

With StarFire II, the next generation of DayGlo fluorescents, enhance your product’s shelf appeal with bright, vivid colors. When combined with other colors, the result is cleaner and bolder shades for high-impact packaging.

Equally important to driving sales, our Phantom invisible inks are essential to brand protection and anti-counterfeiting strategies.



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Differentiate your products with our diversified color solutions for rigid and flexible packaging formats.

With GloPrill®, the next generation of DayGlo FDA Compliant fluorescents, enhance your product’s shelf appeal with bright, attention grabbing colors. When combined with other colors, the result is cleaner and bolder shades for high-impact packaging. Gem-ToneTM non-fluorescent colorants have FDA approval for use in PP packaging. Feel confident with both product lines that all governmental regulations will be met.

Graphic Arts


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Enhance shelf appeal with our diversified color solutions, which can be used in nearly all print packaging applications from boxes for cereal and children’s toys to high-end consumer electronics and perfumes.

Create new colors with StarFire® II, the latest generation of DayGlo fluorescents. The bright translucent pigments and inks can be used alone or overprint another color for cleaner and bolder shades for maximum impact. Protect your brand with DayGlo Phantom™ pigments and dyes for package safety applications.


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