Take advantage of the calm times.

Laurel's piece for the 2020 show mesmerized us, which is perfect because it's actually called MesmerEYEzed. Her work is transportive and you can easily get caught up in staring at one of her pieces for extended periods of time, finding more details the longer you look.

To see more of her work or to contact Laurel, visit LaurelHerbold.com or arrange a visit to her studio at 78th St. Studios #107.

Tell us a little about yourself:

I am a custom art and mural painter in Cleveland, OH. My work ranges from realism to abstract surrealism, and as a custom artist, I am always experimenting with different materials. This is my 5th year participating in the DayGlo exhibit and I absolutely love the challenges that this unique medium presents. Last year my painting, In the Weeds, took first place in the show. I am interested in finding more opportunities to use DayGlo in my murals and other commissioned artwork. In The Weeds What inspired you initially to create art?

From an early age, creating anything in any way has been my way of sharing and communicating with my surroundings. I love the challenge of figuring things out for myself and for my clients. Every painting or project is essentially problem solving, like putting together pieces of a puzzle. Although I am considered a painter, I have spent my life learning as much as I can about many different materials. I believe that the more tools we have in our toolbox, the freer our creative abilities.

What is your favorite piece you've ever made?

This answer is always subject to change, but my favorite piece right now is a rather large piece that I painted to commemorate my first 50 years on this planet. She's called "50 Years Deep". 50 Years Deep What do you like most about working with DayGlo paint?

I love the depth that can be achieved with the paint. I always start out with an idea, but the paint ends up taking on a life of its own. I wish that there were more colors in the DayGlo palate, but it's fun to push the medium as far as I can with the limited colors that are available. MesmerEYEzed is my piece for the 2020 DayGlo Show. MesmerEYEzed Any words of wisdom for any aspiring artists out there?

I have always been one to focus on my own path and not be distracted or discouraged with what my peers have going on in the art world. Life moves in waves. Take advantage of the calm times.