Adding color to city landmarks

 Chris Uphues fluorescent mural in Orlando, Florida

See an empty wall. Fill it with color. Soak in the smiles.

Muralist Chris Uphues is no stranger to color, and his signature illustrated hearts can be seen all around the states from Chicago to Los Angeles and now Orlando. In need of a quick smile and flush of happiness? Spend a few minutes scrolling through their Instagram, and you’ll find yourself swimming through a sea of color, joy and overwhelming adorableness.

Chris and Jen Uphues painting

Teaming up with LemonHearted and the ladies of Naked Bar Soap Co., artist Chris and his wife, studio manager and partner in crime, Jen, added some much needed neon life to a blank building wall.

 overview of opened fluorescent paint cans

After discussing the details of the mural with Chris, we knew there would be no better home for our fluorescent paints to glow than in sunny Orlando, Florida. Armed with our Screamin’ Fluorescent acrylic paints, we were on board.

Our Screamin’ SRX Fluorescent Acrylic Paints can be used anywhere that requires high visibility, including murals, sign painting, and store window displays. We knew that the neon pigments in our paints would add the dash of magic those hearts were craving. 

Opting for Signal Green™, Saturn Yellow®, Horizon Blue™, Blaze Orange™ and Aurora Pink®, the mural was off to a bright start.

Chris Uphues and woman painting mural

The story of this mural goes beyond a simple partnership and shows how effortlessly art can help bring a local community together. If you’re interested in adding some color to your local area, there are a few steps that need to occur before the painting can begin.

Special thanks to Chris Uphues for allowing us to sponsor a project as vibrant as this!

 Chris Uphues and team standing infront of finished fluorescent mural

Find a location. Build some relationships. Let the magic happen.

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