Super-Brite Fluorescent Paint

DayGlo Fluorescent Paint cans in a row

DayGlo 215 Fluorescent Alkyd Brushing Enamel Paint is premium fluorescent solvent-based brushing paint. This paint can be used anywhere that requires high visibility to promote safety. The paint is vibrant in natural light and responds to black light.


Graphic Arts- For outdoor advertising and painted bulletins, fun houses, 3D haunted house effects, theatrical displays, store signs, truck signs and trade exhibits.

Safety- For marine boats and buoys, aircrafts and traffic control, ground support equipment, navigational aids, safety markings and safety equipment, first aid kits, etc.

Hobby & Sports- For use on models and toys, markings on easily lost sporting equipment (boomerangs, arrows, fishing gear) and identification markings on personal equipment.

Available Colors:*

  • 215-11 Aurora Pink®
  • 215-12 Neon Red™
  • 215-13 Rocket Red™
  • 215-14 Fire Orange™
  • 215-15 Blaze Orange™
  • 215-16 Arc Yellow™
  • 215-17 Saturn Yellow®
  • 215-18 Signal Green™
  • 215-19 Horizon Blue™
  • 215-46 Lightning Yellow™
  • 215-08A Filteray® D

*Can be purchased by quart or gallon sizes on Amazon.

What is the coverage of 215 like? Should I use a primer?

Good painting practices apply to fluorescent paints just like they do to conventional paints.

To maximize the effectiveness of fluorescent colors, you should start painting by applying it over a clean, white surface. Your local paint store or distributor can provide you with the correct primer, depending on your type of application.

Two coats of DayGlo fluorescent paint should achieve maximum color intensity. Make sure to allow sufficient dry time between these coats.

How long do fluorescent paints last outdoors?

There are a few factors that influence outdoor durability, including film thickness, time of the year, sun and weather exposure, etc. The more time spent exposed in the sun, the shorter the time frame. The use of an overcoat containing a UV absorber will help extend that time, which we recommend using Filteray, our clear topcoat.

People painting a mural in Cleveland

How long do I need to let the 215 paint dry before I apply the Filteray topcoat? All alkyd based paints have varying dry times when it comes to ambient conditions. Typically, when heat and humidity levels rise, so does the time required to get a substantial cure. A general guideline is to wait at least 24 hours before applying the Filteray. If hot, humid conditions exist, it is best to wait an additional 24 hours.

Signs that the topcoat was applied before the paint was sufficiently dry include: Splotchiness, blistering, and color deviations along the painted area.

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