Is That True?

Fluorescent Color is seen 75% sooner, viewed 116% longer, and generates 59% more re-examination.


In a study of fluorescent billboards, the fluorescent colored ones were noticed in 1.2 seconds, vs 2 seconds for conventional color. This equates to the viewer seeing fluorescent color 75% sooner! Here is a link to the study:

What does this mean for packaging on a shelf?

Store aisles are cluttered with hundreds of items, each one hoping to stand out to the consumer. Fluorescent color adds an eye-catching pop that will make the overwhelmed shopper see your product first, and not only that, they will look at it 116% longer, according to the aforementioned study. Conventional colored billboards were viewed for .6 seconds, while fluorescent billboards were viewed for 1.3 seconds!

These two statistics mean that a consumer will spot your item first on the shelf and look at it for longer. But what about getting a second look? Consumers are 59% more likely to look at a product that has fluorescent color again. 70% of people in the study looked at the fluorescent boards for a second time, only 44% of people looked at conventional colored boards again.

When it comes to designing products, any packaging designer is going to want their design to stand out to the consumer. Fluorescent color is the answer – even just a pop of fluorescent will make your product stand out. Swap out a conventional pink for Aurora Pink and watch sales go up – it will be no coincidence!

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