Ideal for Safety Applications

DayGlo Introduces Durable Fluorescent Pigment Ideal for Safety Applications

Cleveland, OH (June 29, 2017) - DayGlo Color Corp., based in Cleveland Ohio, has announced a new breakthrough technology in daylight fluorescent pigments.

While Indiana Jones made his name by embarking on a daring quest for the Ark of the Covenant, DayGlo scientists have been on an equally grand quest: the search for a durable, lightfast fluorescent pigment. Bright fluorescent pigments have been a fixture in paints and coatings for many decades, however these incredibly vibrant colors have always suffered with one performance flaw; their ability to withstand the test of time against sunlight is limited. Generations of DayGlo scientists have sought a solution to this problem and have finally found what they consider to be the Holy Grail. DayGlo Color Corp. is introducing its latest technological innovation for the paint and coating industry, Endure™ Fluorescent Yellow.

Endure is a groundbreaking solid state, organic, fluorescent pigment with unparalleled brilliance and long-term durability. This unique bright yellow pigment has a strong fluorescent response, an optical phenomenon that makes this pigment ideal for safety applications, advertising, or anywhere you can envision the use of this fun and exciting hue.