Equipment Operator - Avon - Avon, OH

Day-Glo Color Corp., the world’s largest manufacturer of daylight fluorescent pigments, has an opening for a Equipment Operator for their Avon manufacturing facilities.


 To perform daily production duties as needed to ensure product fabrication, quality and on time delivery. An Avon Facility Equipment Operator must be capable of operating basic production equipment, including but not limited to extruders, pelletizers, Henschel mixers, lab and production weigh scales, bagging equipment and related cleaning equipment.  Equipment operator follows written and verbal instructions to produce an approved formulation, using a supplied work order and typed procedure.  The operator will train other Avon Production employees, when necessary.  The operator must adhere to all safety and housekeeping rules.  The operator must adhere to any Quality Process implemented by the Company.


 Must acceptably complete training programs of department leading and maintain a satisfactory skill level in operations and skills covered.

 Must be capable of training other Plant employees.

 Safely and accurately operate all equipment associated with a given process.  Use prescribed safety equipment, when performing duties.

 Identify and procure raw materials from appropriate locations in accordance to published formulas.

 Must be accurate in reporting information to Foreman or Inventory Control.

    1. Keep accurate records on all work orders (i.e. pounds used, Lot #’s used, etc)
    2. Immediately report any waste or spillage to the foreman.
    3. Communicate any variations/problems to appropriate management personnel.

 Able to independently produce a batch in the system from an approved formulation and procedure.  This includes staging raw materials, accurately weighing and mixing the batch, charging the extruder, gala pelletizing and completing the master-batch process.

 Able to independently set-up and attend process, deliver samples to QC and make adjustments as required by QC.

 Must be able to perform simple maintenance duties to the equipment.

 Must be proficient in operation of cleaning equipment & maintain a clean work area.

 Must be able to work without supervision.

 Must be able to operate on ride or lift trucks.

 Must operate equipment to comply with EH&S, OHSA, & EPA requirements.


  • High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • Ability to read, write and speak English.
  • Ability to understand and perform simple math.
  • Ability to follow verbal and written instructions.
  • Manufacturing experience preferred.


If you’re interested in this position please email your resume to