Plant Superintendent - Cleveland, OH


Manages the daily operations to manufacture and ship pigment, paint products and polymers to meet DayGlo customer and Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) requirements.


  1. Ensures that all daily operations adhere to DayGlo business and RPM corporate EH&S requirements, procedures, reporting and programs.
  2. Responsible for proper operation and maintenance of all facility pollution control devices and treatment methods within government regulatory compliance.
  3. Ensures proper handling, storage and disposition of all waste streams.
  4. Applies MS-168 Continuous Improvement principles to all aspects of the manufacturing process to drive facility improvement in production efficiency, product quality, employee engagement and maintenance operations.
    1. Leads/ensures effective MS-168 Tier 1, 2, and 3 meetings for Cleveland Manufacturing site to meet required business goals
      1. Tier 1 – Shift pass-on communication
      2. Tier 2 – Daily Production meeting
      3. Tier 3 – Weekly Production performance/goal assessments
  5. Ensures that all plants are maintained in a clean, orderly and efficient fashion through utilization of 5-S principles.
  6. Ensures the planning and scheduling of orders for production to maximize use of manpower and fulfill customer service requirements.
  7. Ensures the proper preventative maintenance of equipment and utilities to meet customer service and business goals.
  8. Trains, motivates, and manages a support staff consisting of receiving, production, shipping and maintenance personnel within the manufacturing process. Oversees performance appraisals. Initiates commendations, improvement plans and disciplinary action, as required.
  9. Works with/coordinates efforts between Quality Control, Engineering, R&D, and Maintenance departments for continual improvement of production efficiency and quality.
  10. Responsible for driving improvement of facility off grade reduction/usage goals.
  11. Ensures processing equipment is maintained to properly balance cost and customer service. 
  12. Oversees Cleveland site capital expenditure planning and implementation. Responsible for recommending equipment upgrades, replacements, and/or additions.  
  13. Directs the maintenance of effective inventory levels of all raw materials, supplies and finished products to ensure achievement of DayGlo working capital and customer service goals.
  14. Prepares and maintains accurate data reporting and analysis, as required, and provides management with appropriate information.


Requires an individual with 3 – 5 years departmental/plant management experience in a Chemical manufacturing environment.  A college degree in Engineering or Chemistry is required.  Must be a role model from an EH&S standpoint. Must possess proper managerial skills to ensure all direct reports and departments work efficiently together to achieve business goals. Must possess an ability to solve problems and work effectively to motivate/influence people.


The above description covers the principal functions of this position.  It is not intended to be a complete listing of all miscellaneous, incidental or substantially similar duties, which may be assigned during normal or emergency operations.

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