Our colorful start began in the dark and since that day we’ve been looking at color in a completely unique light. Like moths to a flame, we’re attracted to the prismatic and pragmatic power of pigments and the sensational joy that color brings. We work on a different wavelength, driven by rigorous science and the brilliant “what ifs” of color. Because it’s not only what color brings to life, it’s the life inside color where we push the spectrum of possibilities and create thrilling transformations.  

Our color changes everything—products, experiences and materials—into the most unforgettable, must-see and must-have. That’s why there’s nothing like DayGlo. We look on the bright side every day with vivid imaginations to rethink how color can excite and enhance our lives with breakthroughs for brands and businesses. We are the catalyst for color expression. Shaping it, shifting it, illuminating the unseen. And although we think outside the lines, our endless dedication to the highest precision and world-class quality never fades. That’s why we glow with pride every day as the inventors and innovators of the brightest, boldest color on the planet.