Physical Distribution Supervisor - Cleveland, OH

Day-Glo Color Corp., the world’s largest manufacturer of daylight fluorescent pigments, has an opening for a Physical Distribution Supervisor at their Cleveland Manufacturing Facilities. This is a full time, exempt level position. This person will be responsible for supervising shipping, receiving and warehousing operations in compliance with governmental and company regulations.


  • Supervises the safe and efficient unloading, inspections, coding and storage of finished goods, raw materials and supplies in accordance with D-365 operating system.
  • Promotes and enables strong teamwork within the department and plant to achieve favorable business results.
  • Trains and develops a supporting staff including establishing work schedules and conducting performance appraisals on all hourly employees.
  • Responsible for the layout of warehouse areas to ensure both safety and efficient picking of items.
  • Supervises the proper preparation, packaging and loading of material for truck or export shipment, including bulk items.
  • Ensures that outgoing and incoming products are properly labeled, including the disposal of waste drums.
  • Coordinates with engineering and safety to develop and implement procedures or improve equipment used in material handling.
  • Identifies operational inefficiencies and improve them.
  • Ensures that inventory levels are maintained for packaging/labeling supplies and orders accordingly.
  • Supervises and participates in taking accurate physical inventories, as required.
  • Updates and maintains all Shipping and Receiving SOP’s
  • Prepares and maintains accurate reports, as required and provides Management with appropriate information.
  • Responsible for maintaining cost center within budget.
  • Upholds all plant and business Environmental, Health and Safety requirements.
  • Responsible for the safe operation of Department docks.
  • Maintains a clean plant through good housekeeping practices and adherence to the 5S program.
  • May perform other departmental duties as required by location.


Requires a minimum of 5 years related experience, with 1 year of supervisory experience in an advanced warehouse system preferred.  Experience in set-up and use of bar coding as related to both shipping and receiving.  Ability to communicate and motivate a team in a fast paced environment.  A Bachelor’s degree in Business or related field is preferred. Must possess proper safety habits and an ability to solve problems. Must be proficient in using computers and preferably with operating knowledge of Microsoft D365.  Ability to collect and utilize data to increase efficiency and on time delivery requirements.  Must have working knowledge and requirements for shipping Hazardous materials.

If you’re interested in this position please email your resume to