AIT Water Dispersion Colorants

AIT Colorants are high tint strength color dispersions of quality conventional pigments in water and glycol used primarily for aqueous in plant tinting.  AIT dispersions are available in many standard colors and are also produced as custom color matches.

AIT Colorants are also suitable for tinting fabric and paper coatings, latex adhesives, wax emulsion, lumber marking, leather coloring, artists colors and paints, and many others. We do, however, recommend that you check the compatibility before actual use.

Available Colors:
  • AIT-118 Titanium White
  • AIT-222 Toluidine Red
  • AIT-244 Red Iron Oxide YS
  • AIT-254 Quinacridone Red
  • AIT-334 DNA Orange
  • AIT-364 Yellow Oxide
  • AIT-374 Perm. Medium Yellow
  • AIT-385 Brilliant Yellow G
  • AIT-389 Hansa Yellow HS
  • AIT-421 Brown Iron Oxide
  • AIT-434 Raw Umber
  • AIT-444 Burnt Sienna
  • AIT-454 Burnt Umber
  • AIT-544 Phthalo Green BS
  • AIT-644 Phthalo Blue RS
  • AIT-648 Ultramarine Blue
  • AIT-684 Carbazol Violet
  • AIT-734 NF Black (Non-Flaking)
  • AIT-744 Lampblack
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AIT Colorants