HI-TINT Solvent Based

Hi-Tint dispersions are recommended for in-plant tinting of solvent based industrial, aerosol and trade sales coatings.  These high strength conventional pigment dispersions incorporate high quality pigments in a unique alkyd vehicle system.  Each colorant has been formulated for maximum pigment color value while maintaining a wide range of compatibility and characteristics such as non-settling, pourability, flocculation resistance and shelf stability.

Available Colors:
  • HT-359 DNA Orange
  • HT-4315-2 Toluidine Red
  • HT-4754 Naphthol Red
  • HT-4760 Carbazole Violet
  • HT-4787 Red Oxide Light
  • HT-4788 Carbon Black
  • HT-4789 Phthalo Blue RS
  • HT-4790 Phthalo Green
  • HT-4791 Permanent Yellow
  • HT-4792 Quinacridone Violet
  • HT-4793 Quinacridone Red
  • HT-4794 White
  • HT-4796 Organic Yellow
  • HT-4827 Scarlet Red
  • HT-4847 Yellow Oxide
  • HT-4925 Permanent Orange
  • HT-5233 Trans Yellow Oxide
  • HT-5234 Trans Red Oxide
  • HT-5256 Jet Black
  • HT-633 Phthalo Blue GS
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HI-TINT Solvent Based