NO VOC Water Based Dispersions

NVC colorants are high tint strength, NO VOC water based conventional color dispersions.  These glycol free aqueous dispersions utilize dispersant and surfactant blends offering a wide range of compatibility for water based systems. The minimum 6.0 on the Hegman Gauge make these dispersions suitable for tinting semi-gloss and gloss latex enamels.

Available Colors:
  • NVC-100 TiO2 White
  • NVC-200 Red Oxide
  • NVC-210 Permanent Red
  • NVC-220 Qinacridone Red
  • NVC-230 Transparent Red Oxide
  • NVC-300 Yellow Oxide
  • NVC-310 Transparent Yellow Oxide
  • NVC-320 Permanent Yellow
  • NVC-400 Burnt Umber
  • NVC-500 Phthalo Green (BS)
  • NVC-600 Phthalo Blue (RS)
  • NVC-610 Quinacridone Violet
  • NVC-700 Black
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NVC Colorants