PET Plasticizer

PET Plasticizer Dispersions product line is a series of conventional pigments dispersed in DINP. They have been specifically formulated for use in flexible vinyl applications and caulk applications.  They exhibit excellent color strength and color characteristics.

Available Colors:
  • PET-A102 White
  • PET-A207 Red Oxide
  • PET-A260 Red
  • PET-A310LF LF Yellow
  • PET-A369 LF Yellow RS
  • PET-A555 Green
  • PET-A655* Blue
  • PET-A701 Black
  • PET-A-11 Aurora Pink®
  • PET-A-13 Rocket Red™
  • PET-A-14 Fire Orange™
  • PET-A-15 Blaze Orange™
  • PET-A-17 Saturn Yellow®
  • PET-A-18 Signal Green™
  • PET-A-19 Horizon Blue™
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PET Plasticizer Conventional
PET Plasticizer Fluorescent