Plasticizer Color Dispersion

The Plasticizer Color Dispersion is a series of conventional pigments in DINP. They have been specifically formulated for use in flexible vinyl applications and caulk applications.  They exhibit excellent color strength and color characteristics.

Available Colors:
  • PET-A102 White
  • PET-A207 Red Oxide
  • PET-A260 Red
  • PET-A310LF LF Yellow
  • PET-A369 LF Yellow RS
  • PET-A555 Green
  • PET-A655* Blue
  • PET-A701 Black
  • PET-A-11 Aurora Pink®
  • PET-A-13 Rocket Red™
  • PET-A-14 Fire Orange™
  • PET-A-15 Blaze Orange™
  • PET-A-17 Saturn Yellow®
  • PET-A-18 Signal Green™
  • PET-A-19 Horizon Blue™
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PET Plasticizer Conventional
PET Plasticizer Fluorescent