Fluorescent Dyes

We offer both fluorescent and non fluorescent dyes for plastics.  Our dyes are cost effective alternatives to using pigments when applied in polystyrene and many other engineering resins.

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Dyebrite™ Dyes
Dyebrite™ Summary
D-041 Grand Red™ Dye
D-063 Ozark Orange™ Dye
D-098 Pocono Yellow™ Dye
D-149 Ottawa Red™ Dye
D-191 Lackawana Yellow™ Dye
D-208 Apache Yellow™ Dye
D-211 Ice Blue™ Dye
D-286 Sky Blue™ Dye
D-298 Columbia Blue™ Dye
D-315 Marigold Orange™ Dye
D-330 Arkansas Violet™ Dye
D-820 Savannah Yellow™ Dye
D-838 Potomac Yellow™ Dye