Splash Water Dispersions

Our SPL dispersions are based on a unique formaldehyde-free pigment technology.  These products offer a bright, sub-micron, high strength, fluorescent pigment particle with good lightfastness properties.  The SPL dispersions are suspended in water and suitable for use in water based inks and coatings.

Pantone® blends are available.

** Pantone is a trademark of Pantone Inc.

Available Colors:
  • SPL-11JX Aurora Pink®
  • SPL-12JX Neon Red™
  • SPL-13JX Rocket Red™
  • SPL-14JX Fire Orange™
  • SPL-15JX Blaze Orange™
  • SPL-17JX Saturn Yellow®
  • SPL-21JX Corona Magenta™
  • SPL-11NX Aurora Pink®
  • SPL-13NX Rocket Red™
  • SPL-14NX Fire Orange™
  • SPL-15NX Blaze Orange™
  • SPL-17NX Saturn Yellow®
  • SPL-18NX Signal Green™
  • SPL-19NX Horizon Blue™
  • SPL-21NX Corona Magenta™
  • SPL-594NX Invisible Blue
  • PMS 801**
  • PMS 802**
  • PMS 803**
  • PMS 804**
  • PMS 805**
  • PMS 806**
  • PMS 807**
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