Starfire® II Litho Bases

StarFire® II Litho Bases are a unique combination of ultra-fine, high strength fluorescent pigment dispersed in a rheologically controlled vehicle system. This yields maximum color density and excellent printability.

Available in ten standard DayGlo® fluorescent colors, seven Pantone® 800-series** colors and seven Fresh Colors™ (double bump strength in a single bump).

If smaller quantities of inks are needed, they can be ordered here:

*Trademark of Day-Glo Color Corp.

**Pantone, Inc.'s check-standard trademark for color reproduction and color reproduction materials.

Available Colors:
  • SFB-211B Aurora Pink® (Blue Shade)
  • SFB-211Y Aurora Pink® (Yellow Shade)
  • SFB-213 Rocket Red™
  • SFB-214 Fire Orange™
  • SFB-215 Blaze Orange™
  • SFB-216 Arc Yellow™
  • SFB-217 Saturn Yellow®
  • SFB-221 Corona Magenta™
  • SFB-222 Strong Corona Magenta™
  • SFB-223 Strong Saturn Yellow®
  • SFB-2801 PANTONE 801 Blue**
  • SFB-2802 PANTONE 802 Green**
  • SFB-2803 PANTONE 803 Yellow**
  • SFB-2804 PANTONE 804 Orange**
  • SFB-2805 PANTONE 805 Red**
  • SFB-2806 PANTONE 806 Pink**
  • SFB-2807 PANTONE 807 Magenta**
  • SFB-251 Fresh Color Blue*
  • SFB-252 Fresh Color Green*
  • SFB-253 Fresh Color Yellow*
  • SFB-254 Fresh Color Orange*
  • SFB-255 Fresh Color Red*
  • SFB-256 Fresh Color Pink*
  • SFB-257 Fresh Color Magenta*
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Starfire® II Litho Bases