215 Alkyd Brushing Enamel Paint

DayGlo® 215 Fluorescent Alkyd Enamel Paint is a premium oil based fluorescent paint. Maximum lightfastness and film integrity are dependent upon the use of DayGlo FILTERAY® Type D (clear overcoat). DayGlo® 215 Alkyd Enamel paints appear to glow in the dark when exposed to black light.

These paints can be used anywhere that requires high visibility. Can be used for outdoor advertising signs, painted store signs and bulletins, and trade exhibits. Using to increase visibility for safety, these paints can be used for aviation and traffic control, marine uses on boats and buoys, and safety markings.

Available Colors:
  • 215-11 Aurora Pink®
  • 215-12 Neon Red™
  • 215-13 Rocket Red™
  • 215-14 Fire Orange™
  • 215-15 Blaze Orange™
  • 215-16 Arc Yellow™
  • 215-17 Saturn Yellow®
  • 215-18 Signal Green™
  • 215-19 Horizon Blue™
  • 215-46 Lightning Yellow™
  • 215-08A Filteray® D
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215 Alkyd Brushing Enamel Paint
215-08A Filteray® D Clear Overcoat
215-11 Aurora Pink® Brushing Enamel
215-12 Neon Red™ Brushing Enamel
215-13 Rocket Red™ Brushing Enamel
215-14 Fire Orange™ Brushing Enamel
215-15 Blaze Orange™ Brushing Enamel
215-16 Arc Yellow™ Brushing Enamel
215-17 Saturn Yellow® Brushing Enamel
215-18 Signal Green™ Brushing Enamel
215-19 Horizon Blue™ Brushing Enamel
215-46 Lightning Yellow™ Brushing Enamel