Tempera Paint

The WAW Tempera Paint is suitable for application on posters, show-cards, layouts, and displays. It is especially useful for short-term exterior displays such as signs on glass windows and automobiles. It has excellent adhesion to display materials such as paper, cardboard, glass, and many plastic foams.

Available Colors:
  • WAW-11 Aurora Pink®
  • WAW-12 Neon Red™
  • WAW-13 Rocket Red™
  • WAW-14 Fire Orange™
  • WAW-15 Blaze Orange™
  • WAW-16 Arc Yellow™
  • WAW-17 Saturn Yellow®
  • WAW-18 Signal Green™
  • WAW-19 Horizon Blue™
  • WAW-21 Corona Magenta™
  • WAW-46 Lightning Yellow™
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Tempera Paint