A/AX Thermoplastic Pigments

A and AX series pigments are thermoplastic, fluorescent pigments recommended for a wide range of applications where resistance to strong solvents is not needed, including paper coatings, vinyl coated fabric, A-type gravure inks, paints, screen inks, and vinyl plastisols and organisols.

A-series pigments provide the brightest fluorescent color available. AX-series pigments are much stronger than the A-series pigments.


Available Colors:
  • A-11 Aurora Pink®
  • A-13-N Rocket Red™
  • A-14-N Fire Orange™
  • A-15-N Blaze Orange™
  • A-17-N Saturn Yellow®
  • A-18-N Signal Green™
  • A-19 Horizon Blue™
  • A-21 Corona Magenta™
  • AX-11-5 Aurora Pink®
  • AX-12-5 Neon Red™
  • AX-13-5 Rocket Red™
  • AX-14-N Fire Orange™
  • AX-15-N Blaze Orange™
  • AX-16-N Arc Yellow™
  • AX-17-N Saturn Yellow®
  • AX-18-N Signal Green™
  • AX-21 Corona Magenta™
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A/AX Pigments
A-11 Aurora Pink
A-13-N Rocket Red
A-14-N Fire Orange
A-15-N Blaze Orange
A-16-N Arc Yellow
A-17-N Saturn Yellow
A-18-N Signal Green
A-19 Horizon Blue
A-21 Corona Magenta
AX-11-5 Aurora Pink
AX-12-5 Neon Red
AX-13-5 Rocket Red
AX-14-N Fire Orange
AX-15-N Blaze Orange
AX-16-P Arc Yellow
AX-17-N Saturn Yellow
AX-18-N Signal Green
AX-21 Corona Magenta