ECO Pigments

ECO pigments are the first formaldehyde-free pigments to attain the color brilliance and stability offered by traditional formaldehyde containing products with the added benefit of being produced using recycled materials.  ECO pigments are recommended for a wide range of applications where resistance to strong solvents is not required.  ECO pigments can be used in paper coating, textile printing, aliphatic solvent based gravure inks, craft and hobby paints and vinyl plastisol inks.

Available Colors:
  • ECO11 Aurora Pink®
  • ECO13 Rocket Red™
  • ECO14 Fire Orange™
  • ECO15 Blaze Orange™
  • ECO17 Saturn Yellow®
  • ECO18 Signal Green™
  • ECO19 Horizon Blue™
  • ECO20 Ultra Violet™
  • ECO21 Corona Magenta™
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ECO Formaldehyde Free Pigments
ECO11 Aurora Pink
ECO13 Rocket Red
ECO14 Fire Orange
ECO15 Blaze Orange
ECO17 Saturn Yellow
ECO18 Signal Green
ECO19 Horizon Blue
ECO20 Ultra Violet
ECO21 Corona Magenta