Ezentus™ EZ

EZ Series is a new class of formaldehyde free, high performance fluorescent pigment.  Ezentus colorants are made with user-friendly materials that eliminate chemicals of concern without compromising performance.  These versatile pigments can be used where traditional fluorescent colorants cannot.  Whether it’s for an ink or coatings application, where solvent resistance is needed or even compounding an EVA foam or a flexible PVC application, Ezentus will perform where other fluorescent pigments fail. EZ Series offers formulators a migration free product as well as one with improved lightfastness. 

Available Colors:
  • EZ-11 Aurora Pink®
  • EZ-15 Blaze Orange™
  • EZ-17 Saturn Yellow®
  • EZ-18 Signal Green™
  • EZ-21 Corona Magenta™
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Ezentus™ EZ