GloPrill® FDA

GloPrill® GPF Series are the first ever FDA compliant colorants for use in PP and HDPE.  GPF will offer all the same benefits of our standard GloPrill® product and more. Advantages include:

  • FDA compliant up to 1% final part
  • Suitable for all food types
  • Dust free
  • Higher loading levels
  • Quicker through-put on extruder
  • No plateout
  • Formaldehyde free
Available Colors:
  • GPF22 Corona Magenta™
  • GPF26 Rocket Red™
  • GPF30 Blaze Orange™
  • GPF31 Aurora Pink®
  • GPF34 Saturn Yellow®
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GloPrill® FDA
GPF22 Corona Magenta
GPF26 Rocket Red
GPF30 Blaze Orange
GPF31 Aurora Pink
GPF34 Saturn Yellow