Microsphere MP

MP Series is versatile microsphere pigment that can be used in a wide range of applications.  Whether it’s for solvent resistant inks and coatings or as colorant for flexible PVC, the MP Series offers excellent dispersability.  These pigments are based on our benzoguanamine low formaldehyde technology. 

Available Colors:
  • MP-CH5510 Chartreuse
  • MP-GR5511 Green
  • MP-OY5512 Orange-Yellow
  • MP-OG5513 Orange
  • MP-RD5515 Red
  • MP-MG5518 Magenta
  • MP-PR5547 Purple
  • MP-CE5606 Cerise
  • MP-PK5661 Pink
  • MP-BL6182 Blue
Name Download
Microsphere MP
MP-BL6182 Blue
MP-CE5606 Cerise
MP-CH5510 Chartreuse
MP-GR5511 Green
MP-MG5518 BS Magenta
MP-MG5688 YS Magenta
MP-OG5513 Orange
MP-OY5512 Orange-Yellow
MP-PK5661 Pink
MP-PR5547 Purple
MP-RD5515 Red