T/GT Thermoset Pigments

T and GT-series pigments are thermoset, fluorescent pigments recommended for a wide range of applications where solvent resistance is required.

T/GT pigments are designed to be used in formulations and coatings where strong solvents are used and where softening by heat and pressure may be a problem. They are also suitable for use in water based latex systems, where long-term shelf stability is required.

Available Colors:
  • T-11 Aurora Pink®
  • T-13 Rocket Red™
  • T-14 Fire Orange™
  • T-15 Blaze Orange™
  • T-16 Arc Yellow™
  • T-17N Saturn Yellow®
  • T-18N Signal Green™
  • T-19 Horizon Blue™
  • GT-11 Aurora Pink®
  • GT-13 Rocket Red™
  • GT-14N Fire Orange™
  • GT-15N Blaze Orange™
  • GT-17N Saturn Yellow®
  • GT-21 Corona Magenta™
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T/GT Pigments
T-11 Aurora Pink
T-12 Neon Red
T-13 Rocket Red
T-14 Fire Orange
T-15 Blaze Orange
T-16 Arc Yellow
T-17N Saturn Yellow
T-18N Signal Green
T-19 Horizon Blue
GT-11 Aurora Pink
GT-13 Rocket Red
GT-14-N Fire Orange
GT-15-N Blaze Orange
GT-17-N Saturn Yellow
GT-21 Corona Magenta