Introducing the world’s only legal fluorescent colors for cosmetics!  DGS colors can be used in oil-based and solvent or water born formulations.  DGS products employ a revolutionary new thermosetting polymer that is resistant to the solvents commonly employed in nail enamels and hair sprays.  This makeup colorant performs well in all types of personal care products, including lip gloss and lip sticks, lotions and soaps, face paint, temporary hair color, and nail lacquer to name a few.

We also have EC codes (European Compliant) based on E104. See EU technical bulletin in addition to the U.S. version.

Available Colors:
  • DGS-11 Aurora Pink®
  • DGS-13 Rocket Red™
  • DGS-15 Blaze Orange™
  • DGS-17 Saturn Yellow®
  • DGS-19 Horizon Blue™
  • DGs-20 Purple
  • DGS-21 Corona Magenta™
  • DGS-37 Blue
  • DGS-531 G/S Yellow
Name Download
DermaGlo™ USA
DermaGlo™ EU
DermaGlo™ DGS-11 Pink
DermaGlo™ DGS-13 Red
DermaGlo™ DGS-15 Orange
DermaGlo™ DGS-17 Yellow
DermaGlo™ DGS-19 Blue
DermaGlo™ DGS-20 Violet
DermaGlo™ DGS-21 Magenta
DermaGlo™ DGS-37 Blue
DermaGlo™ DGS-531 Yellow