Solvent Soluble

Our HM and HMS solvent soluble toners are high strength, transparent fluorescent colorants designed for flexo and gravure applications on flexible packaging, films and foils.  HM soluble toners are standard strength, whereas the HMS toners offer higher strength to give the ink maker increased latitude in their formulations.

Available Colors:
  • HM-11 Aurora Pink®
  • HM-13 Rocket Red™
  • HM-14 Fire Orange™
  • HM-15 Blaze Orange™
  • HM-21 Corona Magenta™
  • HM-35 Brightener
  • HMS-30 Strong Corona Magenta™
  • HMS-34 Strong Saturn Yellow®
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HM/HMS Solvent Soluble
HM/HMS Blending Formulations
HM-11 Aurora Pink® Soluble Toner
HM-13 Rocket Red™ Soluble Toner
HM-14 Fire Orange™ Soluble Toner
HM-15 Blaze Orange™ Soluble Toner
HM-21 Corona Magenta™ Soluble Toner
HM-35 Brightener Soluble Toner
HMS-30 Strong Magenta Soluble Toner
HMS-34 Strong Saturn Yellow® Soluble Toner