DayGlo Color and Reebok Partner to Release ZOKU RUNNER ULTK DAY-GLO®.

Cleveland, OH (June 29, 2017) - DayGlo Color Corp. has announced a partnership with Reebok to release the ZOKU RUNNER ULTK DAY-GLO®, a neon spin on the classic Reebok ZOKU RUNNER lifestyle shoe. The ZOKU RUNNER ULTK DAY-GLO® will be available in three original DayGlo colors: Aurora Pink (Solar Pink), Blaze Orange (Solar Orange) and Saturn Yellow (Solar Yellow). DayGlo creates bold and exciting colors, which are ideal for athletic wear because it enhances safety due to increased visibility, while also providing a variety of fun color choices to express one’s individual personal style.

The shoe features the new DayGlo Ezentus™ “EZ” formaldehyde-free pigment. Unlike some fluorescent pigments, Ezentus™ is based on new cutting-edge polymer technology for a final product that’s free of formaldehyde and other potentially harmful chemicals. Known simply as “EZ,” these new and innovative pigments are migration free, with improved thermal stability and superior lightfastness compared to older formaldehyde-based pigments.

The partnership between DayGlo Color Corp. and Reebok to release the ZOKU RUNNER ULTK DAY-GLO® represents a shared commitment to providing innovative, safe and bright products to consumers.