Waterloo Arts, Cleveland, OH

For the past few years, DayGlo Color Corp. and Waterloo Arts in Cleveland, OH, have teamed up with the local art community to put together an art exhibit that's lit up exclusively by black light. Artists get to show off their talents using our fluorescent pigments and paints to create artwork that's mesmerizing and fun. As a new feature this year, Waterloo Arts has hand selected a group of 40 local and national artists to join in on the magical fun of DayGlo.

Here are the artists featured in the 2019 Waterloo Arts DayGloSho Art Exhibit running from March 1, 2019 to March 30, 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio:

*Artists not listed in any specific order.

Don Picton Friend Prices (@friendprices) | Chicago, IL - Mixed Media

Don Picton fluorescent painted illustrations

Darrelle Anne Centori (@darrelle_anne) | Cleveland, OH - Installation

Amalia DeGirolamo (@amaliadeg) | Cleveland, OH - Illustration/Painting

Ratsy (@ratsysstore) | Oberlin, OH - Sculpture

Jose Di Gregorio (@josedigregorioart) | Sacramento, CA - Painting/Mural

Jose Di Gregorio geometric paintings

Laurel Herbold (@lherbold) | Cleveland, OH - Window Installations

Michael Lombardy (@themikelo) | Cleveland, OH - Print/Visual Art

Ashley Ribblett (@tentaclees) | Cleveland, OH

Justin Michael Will (@justinmichaelwill) | Cleveland, OH - Sculpture/Painting

Justin Michael Will cartoon illustrations and cutouts

John Salle | Cleveland, OH - Painting

Alex Madej (@modavallis) | Cleveland, OH - Papier-mâché

Tim Switalski (@timswit) | Cleveland, OH - Illustration/Painting

Chris Fritton The Itinerant Printer (@itinerantprinter) | Buffalo, NY - Letterpress Prints

three of the itinerant printer letterpress prints

Jeremy McVay | Cleveland, OH - Painting

Floyd Longworth (@fluid_liquidwater) | Cleveland, OH - Painting

Jason Look (@jasonlook) | Cleveland, OH - Illustration/Painting

Christine Benjamin (@christinebeee) | San Jose, CA - Mixed Media

Christine Benjamin colorful drawings and painting

Ted Bizon (@_rvah) | Cleveland, OH - Garments/Fashion

Rebecca Cross (@rebeccastextiles) | Cleveland, OH - Fiber/Textiles

Nafis Watson | Cleveland, OH - Mixed Media

Sequoia Bostick (@seguoiabostickillustration) | Cleveland, OH - Illustration/Painting

Sequoia Bostick black light paintings

Nancy Cintron (@thegoodgoatgallery) | Lakewood, OH - Painting/Shadowboxes

Diane Shoemaker | Cleveland, OH

Sarah Royer (@sarahannhirsch) | Cleveland, OH

Chris Uphues (@chrisuphues) | Chicago, IL - Mixed Media, Installation/Muralist

Chris Uphues mixed media fluorescent heart designs

Jake Kelly (@coloredcondor) | Cleveland, OH - Illustration

Adam Wallacavage (@octopus_chandeliers) | Philadelphia, PA - Chandelier/Sculpture

Doug Utter (@douglasmaxutter) | Cleveland, OH - Painting

PJ Halliwill (@pjhalliwill) | Cleveland, OH - Ceramics/Sculpture

PJ Halliwill ceramic and polymer clay monsters

Joan Deveney | Cleveland, OH - Painting

Krista Tomorowitz (@ktomorowitz) | Cleveland, OH - Garments/Textiles

David Louis Cintron (@davidlouiscintron) | Cleveland, OH - Painting

Jay Hollopeter (@artworkagogo) | Painting/Illustration

Snakes + Acey's - Hannah Manocchio (@snakesandaceys) | Cleveland, OH - Screen Printing/Design

Snakes and Acey's fluorescent screen print designs

Clare Kolat (@clarekolat) | Cleveland, OH - Illustration/Painting

Rachel Gregorino | Cleveland, OH - Mixed Media

Leslie Edwards Humez | Cleveland, OH - Sculpture

Natalie Lanese (@natalielanese) | Toledo, OH

Natalie Lanese chevron geometric installations and murals

Catherine Butler | Cleveland, OH

Lindsey Bryan (@lindseybryanart) | Cleveland, OH - Illustration/Painting

Suzy Underwood (@robustenergies) | Cleveland, OH - Installation