Rock out with Rocket Red

We get a lot of questions about finishing guitars in fluorescent colors and we love the enthusiasm for literally rocking with Rocket Red. Below is our advice on how to create these finishes, your mileage may vary so always feel free to reach out to us at with questions!

  1. Start with a white instrument primer
  2. Using our GT series pigments, mix them into an instrument lacquer at around 15-20 percent by weight
  3. Apply multiple thin coats and lightly scuff between coats
  4. Use a topcoat consisting of an instrument lacquer or a nitrocellulose finish a. These instrument lacquers, sealers and primers can be purchased via our sister company, Mohawk Finishing Products:

Another method that will work is to use an automotive clearcoat in the same fashion. Mix the GT series pigments into the clearcoat at around the same loading, catalyze, and thin as required for spray.

We would love to see what you create using these methods – if you do finish a guitar, please feel free to share it with us on social media. Tag us on Instagram (@dayglocolor) or email the pictures to the email address above.

Photo credit for the imagery on this post goes to Rob Gray of Radical Instrument Products.