Starfire® II Litho Inks

StarFire® II Litho Inks are formulated from DayGlo StarFire® II Litho Base colors. They are a unique combination of ultra-fine, high strength fluorescent pigment dispersed in a rheologically controlled vehicle system. This yields maximum color density and excellent printability. Developed to meet the needs of the printer and the color specifier.

Available in eleven standard fluorescent colors, seven Pantone® 800-series** colors and seven Fresh Colors (double bump strength in a single bump).

If smaller quantities of inks are needed, they can be ordered here:

*Trademark of Day-Glo Color Corp.

**Pantone, Inc.'s check-standard trademark for color reproduction and color reproduction materials.

Available Colors:
  • SFI-211B Aurora Pink® (Blue Shade)
  • SFI-211Y Aurora Pink® (Yellow Shade)
  • SFI-213 Rocket Red™
  • SFI-214 Fire Orange™
  • SFI-215 Blaze Orange™
  • SFI-216 Arc Yellow™
  • SFI-217 Saturn Yellow®
  • SFI-218 Signal Green™
  • SFI-221 Corona Magenta™
  • SFI-222 Strong Corona Magenta™
  • SFI-223 Strong Saturn Yellow®
  • SFI-2801 PANTONE 801 Blue**
  • SFI-2802 PANTONE 802 Green**
  • SFI-2803 PANTONE 803 Yellow**
  • SFI-2804 PANTONE 804 Orange**
  • SFI-2805 PANTONE 805 Red**
  • SFI-2806 PANTONE 806 Pink**
  • SFI-2807 PANTONE 807 Magenta**
  • SFI-251 Fresh Color Blue*
  • SFI-252 Fresh Color Green*
  • SFI-253 Fresh Color Yellow*
  • SFI-254 Fresh Color Orange*
  • SFI-255 Fresh Color Red*
  • SFI-256 Fresh Color Pink*
  • SFI-257 Fresh Color Magenta*
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Starfire® II Litho Inks