Elara Luxe™: Vivid Clean & Sustainable Makeup Pigments

Elara Luxe™

Elara Luxe™ pigments are the latest innovation in fluorescent color technology for the cosmetics and personal care sector.  For the first time, clean beauty products can have the intense, rich palette that customers crave. Elara Luxe pigments unlock possibilities to create vivid shades with a breadth and intensity of color never seen before.

Elara Luxe embodies clean beauty standards and defines a new class of cosmetic colorants manufactured from all-natural rice protein; a powerful fusion of nature and technology. All pigments are renewably plant-sourced, inherently biodegradable, non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher and Halal certified.

Elara Luxe colorants can be used in oil-based, solvent, or water-born formulations. This can include makeup, lip gloss and lip sticks, lotions and soaps, face paint, temporary hair color, and nail lacquer or nail polishes.

All colors are now in stock for formulator sampling

Use in accordance with the usage and restrictions outlined in 21 CFR Part 74 Subpart C and 21 CFR Part 82 Subparts B, C, and D. 

Available Colors:
  • ELX-11 Aurora Pink®
  • ELX-13 Rocket Red™
  • ELX-15US Blaze Orange™
  • ELX-17US Saturn Yellow®
  • ELX-20 Ultra Violet™
  • ELX-21 Corona Magenta™
  • ELX-37 Horizon Blue™
  • ELX-15EC Blaze Orange™
  • ELX-17EC Saturn Yellow®
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Elara Luxe™ TDS
Elara Luxe™ Cosmetics Sample Kit Formulas
SDS Elara Luxe™ ELX-11 Aurora Pink®
SDS Elara Luxe™ ELX-13 Rocket Red™
SDS Elara Luxe™ ELX-15 Blaze Orange™
SDS Elara Luxe™ ELX-17 Saturn Yellow®
SDS Elara Luxe™ ELX-20 Ultra Violet™
SDS Elara Luxe™ ELX-21 Corona Magenta™
SDS Elara Luxe™ ELX-37 Horizon Blue™
SDS Elara Luxe™ ELX-15EC Blaze Orange™
SDS Elara Luxe™ ELX-17EC Saturn Yellow®
Elara Luxe™ ELX-11 Composition
Elara Luxe™ ELX-13 Composition
Elara Luxe™ ELX-15 Composition
Elara Luxe™ ELX-17 Composition
Elara Luxe™ ELX-20 Composition
Elara Luxe™ ELX-21 Composition
Elara Luxe™ ELX-37 Composition
Elara Luxe™ ELX-15EC Composition
Elara Luxe™ ELX-17EC Composition
Elara Luxe™ Heavy Metals Declaration
Elara Luxe™ Regulatory Compliance Statement