Technical and Safety Data Sheets

DayGlo’s Technical and Safety data sheets contain detailed information on each of our products, including available colors, physical properties, recommended applications, and other useful facts.

All technical documents are available for download in PDF format.

Technical Bulletin Results:

Name Download
215 Alkyd Brushing Enamel Paint
A/AX Pigments
AIT Colorants
ECO Formaldehyde Free Pigments
Elara Luxe™ TDS
Elara Luxe™ Cosmetics Sample Kit Formulas
Elara™ USA
Elara™ EU
Elara™ Japan
Elara™ Lightfastness
EL-15 and EL-17 Name Change
Elara™ Sample Kit Formulations
Endure™ EFL
Ezentus™ EZ
Dyebrite™ Brochure
Dyebrite™ Summary
Elara™ - February Formulation of the Month 2022
Elara™ - March Formulation of the Month 2022
Elara™ - April Formulation of the Month 2022
Elara™ - Summer Formulation of the Month 2022
Elara™ - September Formulation of the Month 2022
Elara™ - November Formulation of the Month 2022
Elara™ - December Formulation of the Month 2022
GemTone™ Brochure
GloPrill® FDA
GloPrill® Non-FDA
HI-TINT Solvent Based
Microsphere MP
NightGlo™ NG200
NightGlo™ NG880
NVC Colorants
NX-C Pigments
Optical Brighteners
DayGlo TDS Phantom™ DINV
PET Plasticizer Conventional
PET Plasticizer Fluorescent
POP Polyurethane
Screamin' SRX Fluorescent Acrylic Paint
HM/HMS Solvent Soluble
HM/HMS Blending Formulations
Splash Colors SPL-JX Dispersions
Splash Colors SPL-NX Dispersions
Splash Colors Pantone Blends
Starfire® II Litho Bases
Starfire® II Litho Inks
T/GT Pigments
VC/VCL Pigments
WAX/WT Dispersions
Technical Bulletin WRT
Z Pigments
ZQ Pigments
Zydeco™ Technical Bulletin

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